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    I'm A 30-Year Lupus Survivor

    Getting Diagnosed with Lupus was the Scariest Day of My Life

    I earned a degree in Nutrition and Food Science form Northern Illinois and went on to work in public health in Chicago for many years.  In my spirit I knew that something was wrong. Patients were not getting better and they where not losing  weight. it was very discouraging for me and the patients as well. Traditional  nutritional counseling was not working for most of the patients I worked with.  After I was diagnosed with lupus I knew I would follow holistic therapies started learning about alternative healthcare and holistic care. Body, mind, and spirit therapies seemed to be more effective.  For more than 30 years I have devoured and studied holistic therapies, body/mind techniques, nutrition, energy  and spiritual healing techniques.  Yes, I have had some ups and downs along the way. but, I have continued to learn how to   and ehelpothers dohe same. I can't makes promises,but I canshare that Lupus does not have to be a death threat. Each person is differendt andhave diffrent