About Bonnie Peterson

You don't have to go through this alone.

 Thirty years ago, even though I exercised and thought I ate well, I felt exhausted all the time, my hair was falling out, and my joints ached. The doctors weren’t sure what was going on but told me I probably had some type of autoimmune system problem—likely lupus or chronic fatigue. 

Back then, with little information available about alternative health or how food affected autoimmune diseases, just about everything I read told me lupus was essentially a death sentence. It was frightening and I felt like I was completely on my own. 

But I got to work—and because of what I’ve come to see as a series of miracles in my life, here I am today, feeling better than ever and coaching others back to health. God had a plan for me to empower others to help their bodies heal. What I’ve learned in my journey is that our bodies want to be healthy—we just have to give them the right tools.